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Serving Chandler youth ages birth – 18

The Chandler Children's Dental Clinic is a four operatory facility providing no-cost dental services to eligible children thanks to generous funding support from donors and grant sources.


Preventive Care:

Chandler Regional Medical Center (CRMC) provides no-cost dental exams, dental cleanings, fluoride varnish treatments and dental sealants as well as oral health education for kids from their first tooth - 18.


CRMC also provides dental screening, fluoride varnish, and oral health education for kids 0-5 through a grant from First Things First.


Restorative Care:

No-cost restorative dental services (fillings, extractions, root canals, etc.) for uninsured children birth – 18 are provided in partnership with NYU Langone University, volunteer providers, and St. Vincent de Paul Nina Mason Pulliam Dental Clinic. Restorative services are limited to uninsured children 2-18 who live in Chandler and/or attend a CUSD school, through referral from CRMC's preventive program only. 


For information on eligibility and scheduling, please contact us at 480-812-7900 or visit our calendar of services.

All services are provided at no cost to patients thanks to our funders and partners. Your support helps us continue to provide compassionate care to children in need. To learn more about making a tax exempt or tax credit eligible donation, please click here

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